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Paper Sizes

Here in the UK we have the A4 as our “standard” size, if you buy a packet of office paper from the supermarket, it will almost certainly be A4. Half of an A4 is an A5, half again gives you A6.

Posters start usually at A3 size, (meaning double an A4), A2 is double an A3, A1 is double an A2, as you can see on the charts below.

A Series (including A4)

The A series of paper is the most commonly used worldwide, with only the US and Canada not currently conforming to the ISO standard, The most frequently used paper size in this series is A4, which measures 210 x 297mm – that’s 6mm narrower and 18mm longer than the US Letter paper size.

In Microsoft Word, sometimes the default setting is for “letter” size. This is an American size similar to, but not the same as an A4. If you go to “Page Layout” then “Size” you can check to see what size the paper is on the screen. Best to set it to A4!