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“Helping young people into work”

Zambian Orchard Village Colour and    

Cut-out Book

Scenes depicting a village in Zambia typical of many that although improved over the years still retain a number of features that would be recognisable to people of long ago. For example the round houses built with sun-dried bricks made by the people themselves and the grass roofs; women fetching water from the stream in containers on their heads; men going to the fields carrying hoes

Reproduced here for children to colour & cut-out.

A4 Size   Ref: ZOV £4 including. postage

Indian Rural Life Colour and Cut-out Book

Drawings by Tom Sutherland

7 scenes to colour, cut out and mount to create an interesting view of rural life in India: The Jungle, the River, The Market, The Road, The Home, The Field, The Starving.

Printed on 160gsm white board. 

A4 Size   Ref: IRL  £4 including postage

Neesha and the Tentmakers

By Ian Boughton

Ian visited India to see Health Help International’s work among the sick and the poor. Here you will meet Tom Sutherland, his Tentmakers, and of course little Neesha, whose memory still haunts the writer.

A5 size, 60 pages + coloured photos.  Ref: NTT  £7 incl. post

Journey of Faith

By Ron Prosser

This is the story of a response to God’s instruction to heal the sick and care for the poor. It was one snapshot of everyday poverty in an Indian city which started an extraordinary journey that led to the founding of Health Help International. £12,025 left on the doorstep in a cereal box seemed a good omen.

A5 Size,  68 pages + illustrations.      

Ref: JOF  £7 incl. postage

A Heart Poured Out

(A Sequel to ‘Journey of Faith’.)

By Roger Lee Staley

The continuing story of Health Help International. It illustrates how a small seed of love can multiply beyond expectations. It features the founder, Ron Prosser and fellow helpers. The work is focussed on improving the quality of life for the needy in India and Zambia .

A5 size, 100 pages plus cover.

Ref: HPO  £7 incl. postage

Books with a Christian Theme

Dare to be a Daniel

(Hard Cover Edition)

By Bryan W. Sheldon

Living for God in a hostile world. These are studies in the Bible story of Daniel and is suitable for all ages but especially suitable for giving to young people as they go to college.

A6 size, 52 pages with full colour illustrations.

Ref: DTBD  £8 incl.  postage

Wonderful Words of Life

(Hard Cover Edition)

By Ron Prosser

Scripture Readings and Thoughts on Women of the bible for every week of the year. Ideal for Women’s Meetings

A6 size, 112 pages with

full colour photos and line


Ref: WWLH  £8 incl.  postage

He Careth for Me

(Hard Cover Edition)

By Ron Prosser

Words of Comfort for those who care for others. Scripture Verses, beautiful photos, poems and comment to help those who go about caring for others in an unpublicised way because of their love for another.

6¾” x 5”, 108 pages with full colour illustrations.

Ref: HCM  £8 incl.  postage

Living for God

By Bryan Sheldon

How do you make a difference for God? Can you aspire to be  a Daniel, a Joseph, a Ruth or a Hannah? This book sets out some foundational principles for those who seek to glorify God in their lives.

A5 size, 192 pages.

Paper Back Style

Ref: LFG  £10  incl. Postage

And then Shamala Laughed

The Story of a Healing

By Tom Sutherland

Another beautiful tale from India about the healing of Suji and how her so worried mother finally laughed when Tom warned her that Suji’s story would be published and everyone in England would know, including the Queen.

A6 size, 28 pages.

Ref: YASL £2.50 incl. Postage

Water is . . .

8 pages of  African pictures to colour, cut out and make a frieze.

Depicting: water as Danger, Fun, Health  and Life.

A4 size, Printed on 160 gsm white board

Ref: WS  £4 including  postage

A Zambian Village Colour and Cut-out Book

8 pages with scenes of The Village, The Clinic, The Church, The School, The Market and The Shop plus15 village people for children to colour, cut-out an to create a Zambian Village. Notes included on Zambian village life with colouring and make-up suggestions.

A4 size, Printed on160gsm white board.   

Ref: ZV  £4 including postage

Children’s Colour and Cut-out Books

Newport in Miniature

Compiled by Ron Prosser

40 miniature pages of photographs of Newport based on old Post Cards. Hard bound in red cloth. A most unusual book.

Size 45x65mm,    

Ref: NIM  £8 incl. postage

Books on Newport

Newport Past & Present

Compiled by Ron Prosser

124 pages of stories and pictures of Newport, both past and present contributed by various local authors.

A5 Size, Paper Back style.   

Ref: NPP £12 incl. postage

Artistic Printing in Newport

Compiled by Ron Prosser

A beautifully illustrated book showing examples of 1894 ‘Artistic’ style printing by the old Newport Printing Company, R. H. Johns Ltd.

134 pages Paper Back Style.;

Large Size: 265 x 200 mm.   

Ref: APN  £12.50 incl. postage

Victorian Style Series

My Memories Journal

By Ron Prosser

An attractive book in which to record your memories for your children and grandchildren.

Topics and questions are included to help you and there are spaces for your photographs.

Full Hard Bound and laminated Cover. Wire bound for easy opening and writing in.

A5 Size,  44 pages.      

Ref: MMJ  £12 incl. Postage

Precious Jewels

Compiled by Ron Prosser

A selection of the words of the old songs we used to sing in Sunday School including ’When He cometh’, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam’, Hear the pennies dropping’, ‘Wide, wide as the ocean’, etc. Full Hard Bound and laminated Cover. Wire bound for easy opening.

A5 Size,  64 illustrated pages. 

Ref: PJ  £12  incl. Postage

Thought about Laughing Birthday Book

By Ron Prosser

Containing a collection of daily maxims and quips and diary spaces to record the birthday dates of your family and friends  together with an alphabetical section to record their addresses.

This book is fun to use, giving a laugh and a thought every day.

A5 Size,  92 pages.      

Ref: TLB   £12 incl. postage

 Christmas Card Address Book

 Alphabetical pages with headed  columns allow you to record  Christmas Cards received and

 sent  for four years. Includes a  history  of the first Christmas card.

 Beautifully decorated on quality paper and spiral bound for easy  use.

 A5 size

 Ref CAB    £7 incl. postage

The Wonderful Life of Christ

A republished book of the life of Christ in a simple and narrative way, weaving the events of His life as recorded in the four gospels into a possible sequence. Eleven full colour illustrations.

A5 size, 196 pages

Full bound in heavy boards and dust jacket

Ref WLC £12.00 inc. postage

Letters from India and

Other Writings

By Tom Sutherland

Contains letters written by the author to his Australian family. It gives an insight into the life of an Aid Worker and is beautifully illustrated with the author’s own line drawings.

Large size: 265 x 200mm 

96 pages. Paper  Back Style.

Ref: LFI   £12.50 incl. Postage

 You Have to Help - An Easter Carol

 By Tom  Sutherland

 A lovely warm tale from India of a  young girl saved from paralysis by the  timely financial and prayerful help given  by supporters of Health Help  International in the UK

 A6 size 16 pages

 Ref YHH £2.50 inc. Postage